Making Pastry

December 5, 2010 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Christmas is coming. And so is my family for the holiday, and they love mince pies.

Me, I could take them or leave them, but they do seem necessary for Christmas, and so I decided to test out my recipe (there would be nothing worse than them not turning out on the day).

There is a dilemma when making mince pies, and that is whether or not to make your own pastry. Of course, there’s also the dilemma on whether or not to make your own fruit mince, but that was not happening for me…

So I decided to do a blind taste test for which pasty to use. I don’t have a food processor, or access to some of the ingredients included in most recipes (like buttermilk), so that ruled out most ideas.

And then I found Joy.

Or should I say refound Joy. I love Joy the Baker’s blog. She seems to have the best recipes and if I could only have access to 2 cooking blogs, hers would be one of them (the other would be How Sweet It Is, who is a total inspiration to a girl like me who also loves bacon and chocolate and has a lack of fondness for vegetables, but more on her another day).

So, I used Joy’s recipe for Easy No-Roll Pie Crust – it  uses cream cheese and butter and flour and really not that many ingredients, but is lovely and not too flaky and just right.

And it won!  I made mini fruit mince pies using a mini muffin pan, and yes, next time, I will have to use muffin trays or pie tins, as they did have trouble coming out, but they were lovely.

This weekend I also made some orange sugar cookies (adapting a lemon sugar cookie recipe from Baking Bites) and covered them with sugar combined with orange sugar sprinkles,, and also made some more peanut butter cookies from this recipe on Nibbledish which have always been a winner with work colleagues.  But of course it’s Christmas and the holiday and party season, and I need lots of practice in preparation for a bake-off I am having with a friend in January.


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