Oops. But look, there were Brownies involved…

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So it appears I have been somewhat lapse in updating this darling thing – considering it is nigh on a year since I last blogged. Forgive me, dear Reader, for I have sinned…

And so it was, that on the 5th of July, 2010, a girl in Melbourne remembered that she had started up a baking blog and forgotten to continue it. I have been baking, though. I attempted macarons several weeks ago (and failed…), and have recently become the proud owner of a lovely set of cookie cutters (including a camel, stegosaurus and a sheep).

Brownies are a definite favourite of mine, of course, and I have recently discovered a reccipe for marshmallow brownies (courtesy of FirstLookThenCook via TheKitchn) which I am dying to try out.  TheKitchn is one of my favourite new blog discoveries along with YumSugar over at the Sugar Network – both of which are divine inspiration for my inner baker and gourmand.

And yet, I never end up making this sort of delicacy and end up having cheese on toast and the like.  But I will make those Marshmallow Brownies – I even have the recipe all printed and raring to go.  And so it shall be, that those brownies will be cooked and tested on my colleagues (for that is what they are for).

In other news, my darling friend WitMatter has moved to Sydney for work, and life is just not the same.  And the darling girl gets to work with two miniature sausage dogs – the breed I have always dreamed of owning… so, so jealous!


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