Philosophical and Metaphorical Sprinkles

June 24, 2009 at 1:14 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Welcome, thank you for joining me and I hope you’re sitting comfortably. 

I have a confession to make:  I am rubbish at keeping blogs.  I’ve tried before – and they have lasted an average of 3 entries before I either get busy, or bored, or distracted by shiny objects. I’m hoping for the best, of course, but it is polite to warn people in advance.

Anyway, now that we can dispense with the unpleasantries, I’d like to get down to the business of welcoming you to the Frosting Belles blog.  I have always abided by the philosophy that there is nothing in life that can not be improved by the adding of sprinkles; a fact which is not entirely true, but a nice thought, nonetheless.  I’ve recently rediscovered the joy that comes with baking, especially when everything works out for the best, and am overcoming my fear that my sponge cake will turn into a yellow pancake as it did in Home Ec at the age of 12. 

Although, in my own defence, I do hasten to admit that I might have beaten out all the air and used the wrong ingredients… an easy mistake to make.

So yes, everything in life can be improved with a little frosting and some colourful sprinkles… whether metaphorically, or not.



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  1. My sponge cake did the same thing in home ec! Although we did figure out later in the semester that there was something wrong with the stove and oven we I set the fry pan on fire making fried rice.

    • It may have been the overuse of cornflour and losing the air – I think I’ve managed to redeem myself with the souffles last week, though!

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